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Buses in Guatemala

If you are a budget traveler or just a tourist looking for the quint essential Guatemalan experience, the “chicken buses” are what you are looking for. I wouldn’t even go so far as to say you have to look for them, they are quite hard to miss. These lavishly painted and often decorated buses can be found whizzing by in any of the major Guatemala cities or highways. The chicken bus may not provide the comforts of a tourist van or taxi, but they are much cheaper, and much more colorful!

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Croatia in Pictures: Danger Children

I’m quite used to signs warning about school crossings and whatnot, but these signs in Croatia always gave me a giggle when I saw them:

See, apparently kids in Croatia are so unpredictable – so dangerous – that they might even be so bold as leap outside the danger symbol itself. You never know. Drivers in Croatia, beware.


Croatia Beats Andorra 4-0, Moves to 2nd in Group

Croatia didn’t start their first World Cup qualifying round the way they hoped to, but they’re making up for lost ground now. The Croatian national soccer team handily beat Andorra yesterday with a score of 4-0.

The win and accompanying three points mean that the team is now in second place in its group – Croatia is tied with Ukraine on points, but Croatia is ahead of Ukraine on goal differential. England still leads the group with 12 points.

Croatia’s next game isn’t until April – April 1, to be exact – when they’ll play Andorra again, this time in Andorra. Then Croatia meets Ukraine in early June.

Croatia Featured Articles

Croatia in Pictures: Primosten Angel

I’m a big fan of visiting cemeteries when I travel, so when I started hiking to the church atop the hill-like town of Primosten in Croatia I was hoping to find some cool, old cemetery – with crumbling and run-down graves and crypts, much like some of the crumbling buildings I’d seen on the way up to the top of the hill. I found a cemetery, all right, but instead of an old one it was new. Still, some of the angels on the graves had lovely views.

On the horizon, you can see the islands of Kornati National Park. In a conversation I had with a tour guide at Krka National Park, I learned that the islands in the Kornati chain have rather interesting names… Stemming from when the Austrians rounded up locals and asked them, “What’s the name of this island?” so they could put it down on a map. The locals weren’t terribly fond of the Austrians taking over, so they gave them false – and dirty – names. The only one the tour guide would translate for me was “Big Hooker.” She said the others were too risque for mixed company.

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Learning Spanish in Argentina

Any traveler knows it: if you speak at least a bit of the local language, you can enjoy a country way better than if you are stuck with using only English. Not to mention that you can learn a lot more about the culture and people if you can communicate with them properly.

The Spanish you learned at school helps some but what would you do if you don’t speak any word? No problem, learn it while in Argentina! There are literally hundreds of schools which offer classes. Thanks to so many classes available, the prices are affordable and the quality is high.