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Romantic Valentine’s Getaway: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

beach-loveValentine’s Day is just three weeks away and we can guarantee that many of you haven’t planned yet anything. No, of course we are not blaming anyone. We are just offering some ideas for those who don’t know what to do and those who want something different than the typical dinner, movie and special night together.

Puerto Vallarta is a very popular vacation destination in Mexico. The beautiful beaches, sparkling blue waterfalls, exciting nightlife and luxurious resorts offer plenty of opportunities for having fun and spending a romantic getaway. Walking hand in hand on the sandy beach, sipping an exotic cocktail while watching the perfect sunset or enjoying exotic fruits in the privacy of your room while you whisper sweet nothings in your sweetheart’s ears, are just some of the things which can me the vacation perfect.

Valentine’s Day falls right in the middle of the high tourist season and the prices for both flight and accommodation aren’t exactly cheap. However, flights to Puerto Vallarta don’t need to ruin your budget. Typically, if you book two to four weeks prior to departure, you get excellent deals. A round trip flight to Puerto Vallarta starts at $353 per person (depart Feb 12; return Feb 16).

When you want to (pleasantly) surprise your sweetheart, it’s a good idea to look for a hotel which offers certain amenities to make a romantic vacation possible (although sometimes it doesn’t take much to do something nice). But that doesn’t mean cheap hotels in Puerto Vallarta don’t offer the perfect environment for a special getaway. A cozy boutique hotel can be both affordable and charming. For $88 per night you can have a true Mexican-style vacation with a romantic twist, right on the beach.

Another interesting option is to look for Mexico cruises . For certain couples, cruises represent the perfect romantic getaway. All you need to do is board the ship, enjoy the many activities planned and visit the cities in the itinerary. It can be tiring, but it can also be relaxing. And every night, you can try a new restaurant and a new way to charm your sweetheart.

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England Germany travel guide

Why not Germany for a side trip from England this winter?

munichUsually during an English winter, anything you’d file under “quick getaway” would be to a warm destination – and that’s even more true this year, when snow is blanketing places that don’t typically see much of the white stuff. But just because it’s cold at home doesn’t mean the only option for a short holiday is some place warmer. In fact, one could argue (as I’m about to) that it’s the perfect time to visit another chilly climate.

I’m talking about Germany, which – technically – could qualify as heading south during the winter. If you go to southern Germany, that is.

But I digress.

The truth is that if you’re in the market for a budget-friendly trip to Germany, there’s no better time to schedule it than during the winter. It makes sense, because most people want to be jetting off to tropical beaches and sipping cocktails with little umbrellas in them when they’re on holiday. But that kind of trip isn’t usually easy on the wallet.

Right now, however, you can find all kinds of cheap flights to Germany from all over England. This isn’t necessarily the time of year you’d want to consider basking on the seaside in northern Germany, but cold temperatures are all the excuse you’ll need to enjoy all of the indoor entertainment in cities like Berlin and Munich. Spend more time in the museums because you’re not fighting long lines or big crowds. Linger in shops because you’re getting more personal attention from the merchants. And have another gigantic mug of beer because… Well, you probably don’t need an excuse for that.

Not only are airfare costs down at this time of year, you’ll also benefit from low-season rates on accommodation, too. Germany’s cities have plenty of hostels to choose from that help keep budget travelers coming back, but that doesn’t mean they don’t raise their rates during the summer. Visiting in the winter and staying in Berlin or Munich hostels will stretch your travel budget further than you thought it could go in Europe. And if you’re not a hostel-goer, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find wintertime rates on hotels in even popular cities are lower as well.

No, Germany may not be the first place you’d think of as a wintertime getaway from England, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go!

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