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Is It Better To Be Short or Tall When Visiting Peru?

At just 5 ft 2 in (or 158 cm) let me assure you that many tasks are rather impossible. Many times I ended up using my husband’s hand to hang from when in a bus or metro… cause the rail was way too high for me. And don’t let me start moaning about the produce located on the highest shelf possible and there isn’t any way for me to reach it…

Since the short travelers have it quite hard, hearing the tales of tall travelers made me giggle and got to thinking which of us would be happier when visiting Peru.

Peruvians aren’t exactly the tallest of all people on Earth so everything in the country – domestic transport, buses, etc – is designed to accommodate the locals; which means, short travelers can be happy. Just don’t try to grab anything from the top shelf in the supermarket, please!

Regardless of high though, make sure to book the cheap flights to Peru ahead of time. Typically, about two months before departure is quite enough to ensure low airfare and enough time to plan the entire trip. Also, don’t forget about booking hotels in Peru along with the flight.

A vacation in Peru is not complete without visiting Machu Picchu. It is located just 80 km / 50 miles from Cusco and can be easily reached via the Inca Trail.

You’ll most likely arrive in Peru via Lima, its capital. Round trip flights from New York into Lima start at $598 (in mid-August) while the round trip flight from New York into Cusco starts at $799 (same period).

You won’t break the bank when booking the hotel. A room in a budget Cusco hotel starts at $37 per night. Over all, Peru is a cheap destination but if you are after luxury accommodation, of course, you’ll be paying a lot more per night.

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Tour Canada This Summer

Are you sick of the European beach vacation you plan every year? Or do you really want to take a break from visiting the European cities? Then, think out of the box. Sure, the price tag for your vacation will be higher but it’s totally worth it to spend several weeks in Canada this summer.

Start by looking up cheap flights to Canada . Both Toronto and Vancouver are served by large airports which receive plenty of flights from Europe. A round trip flight to Toronto (from London) starts at £706 per person; while a round trip flight to Vancouver is more expensive, starting at £806 per person. Once in Canada, flying between the two cities starts at £204 per person, one way. Alternatively, you can travel by train.

Regardless of which city you decide to fly into, remember to book the hotels as well. Cheap hotels in Toronto start at as low as $93CAD per room per night at the end of July. Discounts can still be found, especially if you book online. Likewise, hotels in Vancouver range from affordable to expensive but with a bit of search you can find something to suit your budget.

Alternatively, hostel beds in Toronto start at $20CAD (in a private room). Of course, location does influence the price so you can find privates at $45CAD per night as well, but you’ll have free wi-fi and stay in downtown Toronto. Likewise, in Vancouver privates start at $21CAD per night but for $45CAD a night you can stay on the central nerve of the city scene and have free wi-fi.

Remember to add the cost of local transportation to your budget and don’t forget you’ll also have to pay for the meals. An easy way to save on these costs is to buy the food at the farmers’ markets and plan to enjoy picnics in the parks rather than eat in a restaurant. And if the hostel has a common kitchen, you will have the opportunity to cook something for yourself.

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Planning a Trip

Visit Boston This Summer

The largest city in New England, Boston, is an excellent choice for a summer vacation. It is, without a doubt, one of the most historic and influential cities in the United States. Planning a visit in Boston means you’ll be visiting museum, experience excellent live performances and check out great historical sites.

Boston travel deals are an excellent way to find great prices for accommodation and flights. During the summer, most large cities tend to be quite expensive and Boston makes no exception. So, checking out the special deals is a great first step when planning a vacation.

Cheap flights to Boston are not that hard to find even if you are in Europe. You will have to make a stop along the way, but flights start at $924 return (from Edinburgh, on Air France, in the middle of July).

Once the flight to Boston secured, it’s time to look for a hotel room. Boston hotels range from affordable to expensive, just like in all other large cities. It’s up to you (and your budget) to decide where you plan to stay. In the middle of the high season, standard double rooms cost about $160 per night (2-star, in Boston’s theater district). Alternatively, you can look for hostels and you can book a bed in a dorm for just $25 a night.

Sure, if you fly from Europe a vacation in Boston can be a bit pricey, but it’s all about the choices you make. Check different routes into Boston. If you don’t mind spending more time in airports, you don’t need to book the shortest route, especially if you can grab some deals along the way. Likewise, don’t settle for the first hotel you find online. Ask around, especially in well-established travel communities. There’s always someone who can give you a good tip.

Las Vegas Things to Do

Las Vegas Getaway This Summer

Las Vegas is one of those cities which draw tourists like a magnet. Whether you like to party, relax, have fun or just enjoy some days out of your routine, then Las Vegas is an excellent choice. Or if you want to tour Europe but you don’t have the money, Las Vegas comprises enough interesting replicas of important European buildings to offer at least a glimpse of what the Old Continent is about.

When planning a summer getaway in Las Vegas it’s only natural to start the search with the Las Vegas deals . You can find excellent deals on flights and hotels. Plan your vacation in advance, or wait for the perfect moment when the rates are lower.

But if you don’t want to spend the vacation in the hustle and bustle of the Strip, you can always look for off-Strip hotels . Typically the nightly rates are lower but you’ll have to find means of transport to get to the casinos and spas, for example. If you really don’t want to do any of the activities available on the Strip but you’d rather just do a bit of sightseeing and then explore the sights outside the town, an off the Strip hotel is an awesome choice.

Renting a car in Las Vegas is an excellent idea. After a quick glance at the Las Vegas travel guide you’ll soon realize that there are plenty of things to do outside the city as well. For those who enjoy hiking, several days exploring the Grand Canyon are an amazing way to see the area. Or you can plan a day trip to Hoover Dam.