Spend New Years in Amsterdam

The other days I was talking to my friends about our (non-existent) holiday plans. Typically, Christmas means spending time with the family and friends and New Years usually revolves around a party…or two. But this year, I want something special and I was thinking about spending New Years in Amsterdam .

Since December is knocking on our doors already, now it’s the right time to look for New Years travel deals . Of course, finding cheap flights and affordable accommodation means you have to be flexible, plan your vacation in advance and don’t overlook the low-cost carriers.

Depending on how many days off you’ve got for New Years – New Year’s Day is a Saturday, by the way – you should consider flying on December 28 (Tuesday), 29 (Wednesday) or 31 (Friday) and back home on January 1 (Saturday), 4 (Tuesday) or 5 (Wednesday).

When it comes to finding cheap tickets to Amsterdam from Sweden, the bad part is that there aren’t that many low-cost carriers serving the routes between the two countries. If you fly from Stockholm on December 31 and get back home on January 4, expect to pay €178 for the return flight on KLM.

Don’t forget to book the accommodation ahead of time as well. Private rooms in hostels start at €15 per night (Marnix Hotel and Hostel, located in the heart of Amsterdam). If you are after the hot night life, choose one of the party hostels or one located close to the hot spots. After all, the whole idea of traveling for New Years is to attend fabulous parties in fabulous cities!

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Escape Winter: Fly to Australia

I was just checking out the weather forecast for this week in Europe and I was about to freeze while typing at my laptop. In other words: it’s winter! It’s cold. It’s snowing, it’s freezing. I want somewhere warm!

If you feel exactly like I do, then planning your vacation during summer in Australia is what you need. Summers Down Under last between December and February, exactly the months we want to avoid in Europe!

I was talking to a friend the other days and told him that if I could, I would move south for the winter. And one of the reasons is the famous Aussie food . I’m not a big fan of any meat – let alone kangaroo meat – but the tropical fruits and seafood are exactly what I love to eat. And eating mangoes, papayas and pineapples from the place where they grow is amazing! I might even try Asian food (finally).

Look up cheap flights to Sydney and book your flight before the Holiday craziness; in other words, if you don’t want to fly south for Christmas or New Year’s Eve, avoid making plans to travel from mid-December until early January. Fares are always high during this time of the year. Plus, you might find some good deals for the time right after the holidays. Just remember to keep your eyes on the airlines’ newsletter and special online sales.


Spend New Year’s Eve in France

New Year’s Eve is, for some, one of the craziest party nights of the year. Others see it as a more romantic holiday, a time to reflect on the past and look forward to the new year with a loved one. No matter which stance you prefer, France can be an ideal New Year’s holiday destination.

Go dancing and clubbing with friends, of hit the street parties at the Champs-Elysees and Montmarte if you’re with a group.  Check out the large crowds and midnight fireworks around the Eiffel Tower or head to the Sacre Coeur Cathedral plaza in Montmarte for a more laid back street party.  Looking for a more romantic experience for your New Year’s Eve in France? Book early and snag a table at the perfect candlelit bistro and you can be clinking champagne glasses with your lover at midnight.

France is December is cold, but the holiday lights make the city beautiful no matter what the temperature. Prices aren’t exactly low around the holidays though. If you can’t quite swing the cost, check out some French gift ideas for the Francophile in your life and then plan a trip once the holiday rush is over.

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New Year’s in Peru

The winter holidays are the busiest time of the year to travel. It starts with Thanksgiving, only to continue with Christmas and New Year’s. So, most likely, we are all looking for the cheapest, best and most amazing travel deal.

Between visiting the family and the friends, why not take your time to explore new places? Peru surely sounds like a very good choice for New Year’s.

Star by looking for New Year’s travel deals into Peru. If you cannot find something to suit your free days and / or budget then start looking for cheap flights to Lima . A round trip flight from New York starts at US$826 on Taca International Air, while if you fly from London, be prepared to spend from US$1307 for a round trip flight on British Airways. It’s not cheap but it’s definitely worth it. Now, make sure to look for hotels in Peru .

Do remember that summer in Lima lasts from December to March so you need to pack accordingly. The temperatures can get as high as 28-30C, although the average is 16-24C.

There are many clubs and restaurants which organize New Year’s parties, so choose one according to your budget. Of course, when you book a hotel for your stay in Peru, you can check whether they offer a special dinner and party for New Year’s.

And you can always plan to hike the Inca Trail on New Year’s Day. Now that’s one special way to celebrate the new year!

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Edinburgh Places to Go Things to Do Travel Tips

What Are You Doing for New Year’s Eve?

Each year, my New Year’s Eve plans range between: night in with my better half, night with parents, party with friends or concert in the city’s public square…and , honestly, it gets really boring after a while. So, I’ve decided to do something totally different this year. Yes, travel to a city which holds interesting New Year’s Eve celebrations.

In Europe, among the interesting places to celebrate New Year’s Eve are: Edinburgh, Paris and Barcelona. I’ve always had a soft spot for Edinburgh though, so celebrating Hogmanay this year sounds absolutely amazing.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are busy traveling times and the rates are higher than during the rest of the year (but slightly lower than during peak summer season). So, start looking for the cheapest flight to Edinburgh ahead of time. You could easily plan to arrive in the city on December 29 (the celebrations start on December 30) and leave the city on January 3 (after you manage to see some of the city when it’s not overcrowded). A round trip flight from London starts at £95 per person (on easyJet); of course, that’s unless you manage to find a deal.

Also, look for hotels in Edinburgh while you plan your flight. Of course, it’s not hard to find expensive rooms but when you want cheap accommodation you need to spend a bit of time researching the options. You can find 2-star hotels at £86 per night but the hotel is located far from the center. On the other hand, hostels can be a good choice especially if you travel with your friends. Private rooms start at £40 per night and the hotel is located close to the city center.

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Plan Your Escape from LA for the Holidays

Los Angeles is one of those polarizing places; people who live there tend to love it, while those who visit either fall madly in lover, or can’t wait to escape the city. Even if Los Angeles is your heaven on earth, there comes a time when you want to leave. And if you’re family is elsewhere, that time is probably around the holidays.

If you you’re still looking for your holiday flights, you can still find some deals from Los Angeles, you just need to be patient and flexible. You may not get your first choice of flights, so consider altering your travel plans slightly and you could save.  Be sure to check flights on Christmas and Christmas Eve, as well’ often people don’t want to travel on these days, so you might find an unexpected discount, especially on red eye flights.

And don’t count out other forms of transportation, especially if your destination isn’t that far away. Once you add in the time it’ll take you to battle LA traffic, find airport parking at LAX, and then wait in the security line, you might have been able to reach your destination driving there. And you wouldn’t have had to endure any x-ray screenings or invasive pat-downs!

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