Panama travel guide

10 Days in Panama: Itinerary Ideas

Panama is still quite away from the tourist trail, as most backpackers prefer to visit Costa Rica or Guatemala. But that’s what makes Panama interesting, the fact that most of its highlights are located off the beaten path. And you’ll either love or hate the country or parts of it…there isn’t a middle way. Accessible even to those on a low budget, Panama offers beaches, mountains and rain forests.

Itinerary assumptions:

  • Fly into and out of Panama City
  • Stay in budget hotels or hostels
  • Use public transportation to get around. Alternatively, you can rent a car.

Day 1-3 Panama City

Arrive in Panama City, check in and get used to the surroundings. With a camera in hand explore the area close to the hotel, stopping for a bite to eat.

On the second day, explore Casco Viejo, strategically built on a peninsula after the pirates devastated the original town, Panama Viejo.

On the third day, take a trip to Panama Canal and learn about this masterpiece. And also, go to nearby Soberanía National Park, a tropical rainforest known for its diversity.

Alternatively, you can catch the scenic train along the historical trans-isthmus route to Colón. Skip the city, but go outside of it and visit the ruins of Fuerte San Lorenzo and Fort Portobelo.

Other things to do in Panama City include shopping , visiting Iglesia de San Jose and seeing the city from above.

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Day 4 -6 David and Boquete

Catch a flight into David , then drive or take a bus to Boquete. Plan to take a tour of one of the coffee farms in the area.

The climate in Boquete is considered almost perfect and you can often hear people refer to the area as the valley of eternal spring.

The next day, plan to go hiking in the area around Barú Volcano, known for the incredible number of birds. You can also try mountain biking or just relax in the hot springs.

Day 7-9 Bocas del Toro

Travel to Bocas del Toro and enjoy the beach. Get to island Bastimentos and have fun ziplining in the forest. You can also plan to spend a day in Zapatilla, with its two islands known for the snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities. You can also hike in the forest.

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Day 10 Panama City

Fly back to Panama City and catch the flight home.

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Photo credits: Panama City , Vulcan Baru , Bocas del Toro

Sweden Things to Do

Nude Beaches in Sweden

Swedes are open-minded and nude sunbathing has nothing to do with sex. The locals make it clear that the purpose of nude sunbathing is non-erotic and non-sexual. If you plan to visit a nude beach while you are in Sweden , your best bet is to ask at the hotel or hostel.

If you plan to do some research in advance, here is a list of the most popular nude beaches in the country:

Agesta Nude Beach, Stockholm

This is an official nude beach, with public facilities , picnic tables and a sandy area where you can soak up the sun. It’s a popular beach among locals and tourists alike. It can easily be reaches by bus or car.

This is considered one of the best options for nudists, if you are in the Stockholm area.

Tullan Nude Beach, Stockholm area

The beach is located about 30 min by bus from Stockholm. At the northern end of lake Tullan you’ll find the nude part of the beach. There are no public facilities and the beach is rather rocky (so bring something to sit on while you sunbath here). The sandy beach does not allow nudism (so, don’t forget to put your clothes on if you want to explore that part, too).

Svärdsön Nude Beach, Stockholm area

It’s a clothing optional beach but not an official nudist beach. It’s located about 15 km from Stockholm and can be reached by bus or car. This is one of the best nudist beaches in the Stockholm area , with lots of facilities.

Säbyträsk Nude Beach, Stockholm area

It’s located about 30 min by bus or car from the capital and is an official nude beach. It doesn’t offer any public facilities and it’s certainly an off the beaten path choice.

Truvebadet Nude Beach, Lidköping, Gothenburg area

You can easily find this nude beach, located just 5 km from Lake Vänern. There are two beaches here but only one is an official nude beach (so pay attention to signs). It’s a sandy beach, with lots of green area for sunbathing , a campground (clothing required) and public facilities.

Mollön peninsula, Uddevalla, Gothenburg area

There are two beaches here as well, one being clothes optional, but an unofficial nude beach. The scenery is amazing but there aren’t any public facilities. The peninsula is located close to Goteborg. It’s a good option if you are looking for some place not crowded.

Smitska Udden Nude Beach, Gothenburg

This is an official nude beach with also has a clothing required section. It’s a popular choice but the beach is rocky and quite steep (there are leaders leading to the water). The clothing required section has public facilities but the nude one doesn’t.

Tallparksbadet Nude Beach, Öregrund , Stockholm area

The beach is located 2 h north of Stockholm and is an official nude beach. It’s a popular place to practice nudism but the beach is rocky. There are public facilities and a camping near-by but clothing is required.

Herrfallet Nude Beach, Arboga, Stockholm area

Located in southern Sweden, this is a lovely sandy beach for nudists. There are public facilities available.

Photo via Flickr