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Acting the fool, taking the mickey and other forms of entertaining banter

I like taking the piss. I like it alot. I’m no sadist…if the person you’re taking the piss out of doesn’t actually know, it can’t be at their expense, right?

Edinburgh Travel Tips

Ed’s Beds: Caledonian backpackers hostel review

I came across The Caledonian Backpacker’s Hostel via the hostel world website. The hostel was described as the “funkiest hostel in Edinburgh” and I was attracted by the prospect of good times, the opportunity to meet other festival goers and the hostel’s central location, within viewing distance of the Edinburgh castle. If by funky they mean brightly coloured walls then yes. Despite being packed to full capacity however, there was little of the live music, social vibe and friendliness the website promised. Only regular nightly wakings from returning festival goers reminded me that outside the hostel walls the festival city was in full swing. Please people get some new lights in your bar. Make your staff smile. Give your booze away…anything to bring the bar to life! True to the hostelworld spiel the beds were clean and to the Caledonian’s credit they do have the cheapest internet in town (£1 per hour). The major turnoff for me was the staff though. I was walking on eggshells during my three weeks there trying to pick their moods, which ranged from disinterested to down-right obnoxioius with the occasional spasm of happiness! The effect of the staff was enough to dampen the mood of the guests, and it would put me off returning. When your paying £19 a night (festival time reates go up) and contemplating how you’re going to afford to eat next week, all the while drowning your sorrows in over-priced Guiness, you want your bar maid to smile. Nay, you need it. Sort it out Caledonian.

Rating 2.5/5 with the same staff; 3.5/5 after staff have personality transplants.

For alternatives, try Edinburgh Hostels.

For more information on hostels check out

Edinburgh Travel Tips

Edinburgh for dummies volume 1

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and its second-largest city.

Situated on the east coast of Scotland’s central lowlands on the south shore of the Firth of Forth, it has been the capital of Scotland since 1437 and is the seat of the country’s devolved government. The city was one of the major centres of the enlightenment, led by the University of Edinburgh, which arguably still remains Scotland’s best University. The Old Town and New Town districts of Edinburgh were listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995. In the census of 2001, Edinburgh had a total resident population of approximately 500,000, making it the 7th largest city in the United Kingdom.

Edinburgh is well-known for its collection of festivals which descend on the city in summer. Few visitors realise the festival is actually a collection of independent festivals held annually over about three weeks from early August, when the population of the city doubles. The most famous of these events are the Edinburgh Fringe (the largest performing arts festival in the world), the Edinburgh International Festival, the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, and the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Another famous event is the Hogmanay street party.

The city is one of Europe’s major tourist destinations, attracting roughly 13 million visitors a year, and is the second most visited tourist destination in the United Kingdom, after London.

Libya Travel Tips

Pictures of Libya Eclipse

Here is a BootsnAll’s members pictures from Libya during the solar eclipse. You can not only see some fabulous pictures of the eclipse, the city that the Libyan government set up for tourists, but you can also see some wonderful pictures of Leptis Magna.

See pictures from Libya

Libya Places to Go Travel Tips

Adventure Desert Tour

Sorry for the very long silence with Libya Blog. There are going to updates every other day on Libya.

Here is an Adventure tour – Camel tour for 13 days/12nights.

Tripoli, Ghat, Alawynat, Akakus-Tadrart, Wadi Tashwinat, Massak, Germa, Sebha, Tripoli, Sebratha

Day 1: Arrival to Tripoli airport and transfer to the hotel

Day 2: Flight to Ghat in the Southwest of Libya. Meet our group and drive to a beautiful sand dune (30km NE) after Ghat and not far from Cave Alajonon,

Day 3: Drive to Serdalus (Alawynat), stop for free tour and lunch. Then continue driving to Awais where the first of pre-historical rock arts of 12000 years ago started. We do some trekking tour.

Day 4-9 Camel trip: We travel to Akakus-Tadrart visiting the wadies, which contain lots of paintings, drawings and rock arts, lunch, and continue tour to Emaning Well. Camp at Wadi Tashwinat.

Day 10: Drive evening to Alawynat. Overnight at the organized camp.

Day 11: Drive to Sebha airport via Germa (old city). Flight to Tripoli and then to the hotel.

Day 12: Visiting the archaeological sights of Sebrata city where you will discover ancient ruins of Romans and Greek.

Day 13: Departure