Cheap Hostels in Hamburg

Accommodation can certainly make or break your stay in Hamburg ; plus, it’s the second biggest expense after the flight. Some travelers need just a clean room and clean bathroom, while others want other perks. Thankfully, hostels range from basic to boutique hotel like places and anything in between.

And you don’t need to stay in the middle of nowhere either. Many hostels are located close to transportation hubs or close to the important sights. Plus, the prices won’t break the budget. There are plenty of areas to choose from in Hamburg, but St Georg and Altona are excellent choices to start your search.

If you don’t want to share the room with 10 other travelers, there are always private rooms to choose from. Guesthouses, inns and budget hotels are also listed on hostel booking websites and many of them only offer private rooms (sometimes with private bathrooms, too).

Many hostels offer a shared kitchen which is an excellent way to save money paid for food, while the common rooms are the best place to meet fellow travelers.

While you can find the words “youth hostel” in the name, it doesn’t mean you have to be a certain age to stay here. Of course , if you are underage, you are required to be accompanied by an adult.

Book the hostel bed / room in advance, particularly if you travel during the high season (July, August, December). But in general, booking in advance brings some discounts.

Price wise, expect the beds to be slightly more expensive than those in Berlin. A twin room starts at €60 per night in mid-June 2012 in a hostel located in the center of Hamburg, while a bed in a 6-beds dorm starts at €14.90 per night in the heart of St Georg.

Search this interactive map of Hamburg for hostels or use the widget above to book your stay.

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Cheap Hostels in Berlin

Gone are the days when hostels were basic places to stay, generally in sketchy locations and sometimes without running water. Nowadays, many hostels resemble small boutique hotels, complete with shared kitchen.

And you don’t need to stay too far for the historical sites, either, because in all cities, Berlin including, hostels can be found in excellent locations and the prices are decent. Of course, the further from the sights you stay, the cheaper the room/bed , but you’ll most like be close to at least a public transportation stop.

But location is the key and can make or break your vacation, especially if you stay for several days in Berlin. Prenzlauer Berg and Mitte (with Alexanderplatz at its center) are excellent choices for your stay.

If you don’t fancy the idea of sharing your room with 4 (6, 8, or 10) other travelers, you can stay in a private room. Many hostels offer such rooms now and they often used by couples or families who don’t want to pay too much for accommodation.

While some hostels might still “youth hostel” in their name, gone are the age restrictions. Although if you are not an adult (18 years old), you need to be accompanied by one.

Especially if you travel during the peak travel season (July, August, December) make sure to book the hostel stay in advance. And even if you travel during the low season, booking in advance generally brings some discounts along.

Guesthouses, inns , apartments and budget hotels are often listed on hostel booking sites, offering the same facilities and similar prices. Many hostels don’t charge for towel or linen but the breakfast is often not included (still, you can order breakfast and pay for it on the spot).

Price wise , you can find a bed in a hostel in Alexanderplatz for just €8 per night (in mid-June 2012) , but a private room can cost up to €70 per night (and depends on location). The more nights you book, the more chances to find discounts.

Search this interactive map of Berlin for hostels or use the widget above to book your stay.

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Cheap Hostels in Munich

Munich might be a sophisticated city with an historic side, but it’s also a major stop on any backpacker’s European tour – not to mention the site of one of the most famous two-week-long parties on the planet – so it stands to reason that alongside the boutique hotels there are plenty of hostels in Munich.

There are several hostel options in the city center, but as is the case with most cities the best locations are usually taken up by hotels. Still, the hostels in Munich’s city center offer easy access to most of the attractions as well as public transportation to make it easy to get around. Many are located right around the main train station, the Hauptbahnhof, so it’s even easier to take day trips.

If you think you’re not up for a hostel stay because you don’t want to share a bedroom, but you like the idea of a cheap place to stay, don’t shy away from hostels – many of them have private rooms these days, which can be a great middle ground.

Search this map to find cheap hostels in Munich

Accommodation Edinburgh Travel Tips

Edinburgh Hostel Reviews – Trekker’s Hostel Highlights

Greetings and salutations fellow travelers, I hope you are all starting the new year off with plans and dreams of travel. To help you with this task here is a wrap-up of my reviews during my recent trip to Edinburgh. Well I did not stay at every hostel I did spend many hours visiting and touring them and have written a basic review and guide to 7 of the main hostels in Edinburgh.

Click on the links below for the full review of each hostel, including maps and photos for each location.

Castle Rock Backpackers : The 3rd of the Macbackpacker Tour Hostels in Edinburgh is located right at the base of Edinburgh Castle. It has great decorations based off Scottish life and history scattered throughout the hostel and is one of my favorites.

Edinburgh Backpackers : Back in 2000 this was the very first hostel I ever stayed in and it was a great experience then and you won’t be disappointed now. Located between Waverly Station and the Royal Mile, it is easy to get where you need to be going. With many amenities such as TV lounge and pool table, it has something for everyone. Just beware the very steep hill to get to it.

High Street Backpackers : Another of the Macbackpacker Tour locations, located opposite the Royal Mile Hostel, this is a bigger building with a full kitchen and lounge area. It is a great spot for the single traveler or a group.

Prince’s Street East Backpackers : Located not on the main Prince’s Street as you might assume but rather in a little alley that takes some exploring to find, this hostel’s dark and dingy entrance makes many think twice before entering. Well it has character, it’s confusing halls and dark appearance may be intimidating for the single first time traveler or even the veteran traveler for that matter.

Royal Mile Backpackers : Home of Macbackpacker Tours, this small hostel is cozy and laid back. Located right off the Royal Mile it is in a prime tourist area. There isn’t much in the way of a kitchen, but there is enough to equipment to get by. The super friendly staff make it a perfect place to take a load off.

Smart City Hostel : Located down the hill off the Royal Mile, this is one of the newer hostels in Edinburgh and brings all the modern amenities with it. Due to its large size it is more suited to groups of all ages and size. For the single traveler there isn’t much vibe and may seem a little sterile compared to some of the other hostels in the city.

St. Christopher’s / Belushi’s Bar : Just up the stairs from Waverly train station and right where the airport bus drops you off, for location you can’t get much better than this. One of the quirky things with most if not all St. Christopher’s is the lack of any kind of kitchen but the presence of a pub and restaurant on the main floor. So if you are not planning on saving money by cooking yourself and want a place close to the station this is a perfect stop.

Accommodation Portugal

Traveller’s House – Lisbon, Portugal – Trekker’s Hostel Highlights

Opened on October 6, 2006, Traveller’s is located in the middle of Rua Augusta, the main tourist street in Lisbon, in an area called Baixa, known for being the most central and historical. Walking distance from the ferry and a short bus trip (#91) from the airport, its location makes it the ideal hostel to swing by during your stay in Lisbon.

Along with the ideal location, Traveller’s House also offers daily activities for a small fee, such as wine tasting, happy hour, bar crawl, piri piri chicken (spicy Portuguese marinade) and petiscos (Portuguese Tapas/snacks). Breakfast is included, and at €18-22 a night you might expect this to be cold cereal and watered down juice, but that is far from the truth. In the dining area you sit down at a comfy table with a placemat, utensils and all the condiments you would need. Then the house mom comes up and asks how you would like your eggs. A very pleasant, and delicious surprise, especially if you have enjoyed the bar crawl the night before.

The dorm rooms are super comfortable with large bunk beds and fantastic storage. In the large built-in lockers under the beds there are also individual safes for you to store your passports and money. The showers have superb water pressure, always an important factor after a long day of touring, and the wood accents throughout the house gives it a warm homely feel. The common room comes complete with huge bean bags and a comfy couch. There is free internet and a small TV room, both of which are super comfortable and perfect for vegging out and recovering. The staff completes this perfect package with their enthusiasm, knowledge of local info and generally making you feel like you are part of the family.

Traveller’s House
Rua Augusta, 89, 1st floor
1100-048 Lisbon
Official Traveller’s House website

More Traveller’s House photos


High Street Backpackers

entranceJust off the Royal Mile you will find High Street Backpackers, one of three hostels where you can buy your Macbackpacker Tours of Scotland. A good vibe is felt the minute you walk into the door, with friendly staff and a relaxed common room right by reception. The larger common room in the basement has a pool table and a stuffed Loch Ness Monster. Every other week there is a party of some kind, Thursday night you join Royal Mile and Castle Rock hostels on a pub crawl and Sunday nights there is a pool contest. On Fridays and Sundays the staff make burger and chips for £3.

With 152 beds set up in 4 to 18 bed dorms, be aware that there are no safety bars on the top bunks. High street also has a few private rooms with names like “Monica and Bill”, so there is something for everyone.

Accommodation Edinburgh Travel Tips

Booking a Hostel in Edinburgh

hostelEdinburgh is one of the favorite cities on a backpacker’s tour – there’s culture if you want it, and more partying than you can handle. But finding the right hostel to stay in during your trip to Edinburgh isn’t always easy – especially with so many booking sites to sift through. What’s more, many of the sites are actually listing the same properties, so what makes one different than another?

Some hostel booking sites are going to seem pretty much the same, so things to look for that will set them apart – and help you decide which one you like best – include whether a site gives good directions for getting from public transportation to the hostel, whether there are good pictures of the hostel so you can see what you’re booking, whether there are ample reviews of the hostel, and whether there are good maps so you know where the hostel is in relation to the city’s sights.

Here are some booking sites – we recommend that you take a look at each of them so you can decide which you prefer when you’re trying to find the perfect hostel in Edinburgh.

Articles Croatia

Zagreb’s next top hostel

bunkbedkid.jpgOne of the newest hostels in Zagreb, Fulir Hostel has only been open since 2006. That makes its meteoric rise and its perch atop the hostel market in that city all the more impressive. Ranked at the top of most of the Internet booking websites, Fulir Hostel also has rabid endorsements from travelers and a great looking website to recommend it.

Fulir Hostel’s most impressive bit of evidence to recommend it is its location. Just 50 meters off the main square in Zagreb, the hostel is convenient to the center of the city and part of the central downtown atmosphere. The hostel’s visitors create the scene as much as they enjoy it and you’ll find that the hostel itself is as much a part of the downtown culture as anywhere else.

Edinburgh Travel Tips

Ed’s Beds: Caledonian backpackers hostel review

I came across The Caledonian Backpacker’s Hostel via the hostel world website. The hostel was described as the “funkiest hostel in Edinburgh” and I was attracted by the prospect of good times, the opportunity to meet other festival goers and the hostel’s central location, within viewing distance of the Edinburgh castle. If by funky they mean brightly coloured walls then yes. Despite being packed to full capacity however, there was little of the live music, social vibe and friendliness the website promised. Only regular nightly wakings from returning festival goers reminded me that outside the hostel walls the festival city was in full swing. Please people get some new lights in your bar. Make your staff smile. Give your booze away…anything to bring the bar to life! True to the hostelworld spiel the beds were clean and to the Caledonian’s credit they do have the cheapest internet in town (£1 per hour). The major turnoff for me was the staff though. I was walking on eggshells during my three weeks there trying to pick their moods, which ranged from disinterested to down-right obnoxioius with the occasional spasm of happiness! The effect of the staff was enough to dampen the mood of the guests, and it would put me off returning. When your paying £19 a night (festival time reates go up) and contemplating how you’re going to afford to eat next week, all the while drowning your sorrows in over-priced Guiness, you want your bar maid to smile. Nay, you need it. Sort it out Caledonian.

Rating 2.5/5 with the same staff; 3.5/5 after staff have personality transplants.

For alternatives, try Edinburgh Hostels.

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