Cheap Hotels in Hamburg

The hotel is the second most important expanse during any holiday (the airfare comes first, of course). Choosing the right hotel for you can make or break your stay in Hamburg . You can choose vibrant areas, with a lot of bars and hotels, or opt for more relaxed, quiet areas.

Where to stay in Hamburg

Altona is a varied neighborhood, located west of Hamburg’s centre and bordered by the Elbe River. The nightlife is bustling and you can find restaurants serving international cuisines. Harvestehude is a quiet area located just north of Hamburg’s centre, while Rotherbaum is filled with pubs and bookshops. Hohenfelde is not posh but it’s close to the center and is excellent for exploring the city.

Saint Georg is also close to the center and offers plenty of boutiques, cafes and bars. Saint Pauli, or the Red Light District, is the center of the nightlife and is filled with bars, clubs and cabaret stages.

Some hotels in Hamburg

Hotel Stadt Altona

Located in Altona, just a 5-minute walk from the Reeperbahn S-Bahn Station, the hotel offers free underground parking, bars and free wi-fi in public areas. All rooms have private bathroom and TV. In June 2012, a double room is €58 per night. Breakfast is €7.

Hotel Heimhude

The hotel is located in the district of Harvestehude, close to the Alster lake. All rooms have free wi-fi. Breakfast is included in the room price. In mid-June 2012, a double room is €110 per night.

Hotel Budapester Hof

This hotel is located in center Hamburg and offer free wi-fi in public areas. All rooms have private bathrooms and cable TV. Breakfast in included in the room rate. In mid-June 2012, a double room is €59.

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Cheap Hotels in Berlin

After the airfare, the hotel is the second biggest expanse during a vacation. Choosing the right hotel for your style can make or break your stay. Some people don’t mind staying further from the center but it’s a must to have good transportation available, while others must stay close to everything. Location always determines the room price and that is true in the case of visiting Berlin , as well. Of course, the more facilities, the higher the room price will be.

Where to stay in Berlin

Berlin is huge and it’s impossible to even think you can cover it on foot. Using the U-Bahn and S-Bahn is a must, so you are better off with looking for a hotel located near public transportation stations.

Prenzlauer Berg, located in the in the borough of Pankow, is where you can find plenty of pubs, cafes, restaurants, galleries , a good nightlife and good hotels. Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg, also in the former East Berlin, are cheap and interesting areas to stay in as well.

Mitte, the most central borough of Berlin , is another good choice for a stay but expect more expensive hotels here. But you’ll be close to pretty much all the tourist sites. Alexanderplatz, in center Mitte, is a transportation hub and a good choice for short stays.

Some hotels in Berlin

Arte Luise Kunsthotel

This 3-star hotel is located in Mitte, just 10-min walk from the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag Building and Friedrichstrasse Train Station. All rooms have wi-fi and the bathroom is either private or shared. The hotel offers a restaurant and a courtyard terrace. In June 2012, a double room (private bathroom) costs €109 per night.

easyHotel Berlin Hackescher Markt

The budget hotel is located in Mitte, in the vibrant Hackescher Markt district. All rooms have AC and private bathrooms with shower. Wi-fi and satellite TV are available on request. The hotel is just 10-min tram ride from Prenzlauer Berg district and the Friedrichstraße shopping street. In June 2012, a double room costs €45 per night.

Hotel Pension Intervarko

The guest house is located in the Prenzlauer Berg, just 2 tram stops from Alexanderplatz Square. All rooms have TV and there are shared bathrooms on the hallway. In June 2012, an economy double room costs €44 per night.

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Accommodation Argentina

Cheap Hotels in Mendoza

Mendoza is the center of the Argentine wine industry, located in the desert Cuyo region. It is also the gateway into Aconcagua, one of the highest mountains in the world, offering plenty of opportunities for hiking and climbing.

The city is generally noisy because of the traffic, so if you are looking for a quite area, search for hotels between Plaza Independencia and Park San Martin. In the eastern part of the city you can find the cheapest options for hotels.

There are quite a lot of hostels for those looking for the cheapest options, but you can also find mid-range and luxury hotels in Mendoza.

During the low season, expect to pay from US$24 per night for a double or twin room in a 2-star hotel , while in a 3-star hotel , for the same room type, you’ll pay from US$55 per night (and you’ll be 1 km from Plaza Independencia). By the end of the high season (April), expect to pay from US$34 per night for a double room in a 2-star hotel and from US$60 per night in a 3-star hotel (near San Martin Street). Should you plan to visit Mendoza in the summer (November), expect higher prices : from US$50 per night in a double room in a 2-star hotel and from US$65 per night in a double room in a 3-star hotel (close to the Airport).

Generally speaking, if you want to save money plan your visit during the low season. Spring and Fall are excellent times to come to Mendoza. If you must travel during the high season book in advance and take advantage of the discounts offered online.

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Accommodation Argentina

Cheap Hotels in Bariloche

Bariloche is the gateway into Patagonia, a scenic city tucked between lakes and the Andes. Most visitors come here to enjoy the nature and many are looking for places to stay outside the city limits.

There are plenty of hostels for those looking for a cheap place to stay – and many of them offer stunning views of the area – but there are also budget, mid-range and luxury hotels for those looking for something different.

In most cases, you’ll find that hotels located in the city center – or close to it – might cost less than hotels located outside the city, especially if they offer panoramic views of the area.

During the low season (April to June), expect to find double rooms with shared bathrooms from US$21 per night and apartments (for 2) from US$30 per night. A double room in a 3-star hotel wills set you back from US$35 per night. During the high season, expect to pay from US$26 per night for a double room with shared bathroom. In a 2-star hotel, double rooms start at US$45 per night , while if you choose a 3-star hotel, expect to pay from US$90 per night.

Make sure to book your hotel room in advance, especially if you plan to visit during the high season (either summer or winter).

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Cheap Hotels in Munich

Munich is a city that caters to all budget levels and travel styles when it comes to accommodation – but if you plan to spend Oktoberfest in Munich then everything changes. Sure, the summer is the high season and you’ll pay more for a room in the summer than in the winter, but the annual Oktoberfest celebration is such a concentrated time that finding a good deal on a room or a hostel bed during those two weeks can be nothing short of a miracle. In other words, if going to Munich for Oktoberfest is on your bucket list, either save your pennies, plan to splurge, or book so far in advance that you actually get one of the more budget-friendly rooms in the city.

For the rest of the year, the historic center around the Marienplatz is a good area to target for a place to stay. Staying in this area puts you within walking distance of most of the attractions in Munich, as well as within easy reach of public transportation if you want to go further afield. The historic center may be a bit more expensive accommodation-wise than the outskirts of the city, so if you’re really on a tight budget or you’re staying longer and don’t mind going back and forth into the center often, you might try looking in the neighborhoods around the Ostbahnhof station or the University.

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Alaska travel guide

The Northernmost Hotel in the Americas

Many who come to Alaska don’t make it much farther north than Anchorage. Some with a little more time and ambition find their way to Fairbanks. But only a very small number continue farther north, all the way up to the north slope. Here they will find the unique town of Barrow, and with it, the northernmost hotel in the Americas, the appropriately named “Top of the World Hotel”.

Alaska travel guide

Best Business Hotels in Anchorage

Many travelers come to Anchorage to experience the wilderness, fishing, culture and other activities that have made Alaska so famous. But, as the largest city in Alaska and being located relatively close to Asia, Anchorage is also an important city for international business. Many major conventions and trade shows come to the Dena’aina Civic and Convention Center every year. When you find yourself in Anchorage on business, these are some of your best options for where to stay.

These are definitely not the cheapest hotels in Anchorage – that’s a different article. But when you are in the city to close a deal, or meet with a client, and convenience, reliability and class matters more than getting the absolute lowest price, these are great choices.

All of these hotels have free wifi internet, a must for today’s business traveler.


Homewood Suites by Hilton Anchorage

Starting around $280
Located conveniently close to both the airport and city center, Homewood was ranked #1 for business travel by TripAdvisor, and is one of the best-known hotels for business travel in the city. Always a good choice.


Embassy Suites Anchorage

Starting around $295
The Embassy Suites is a favorite of visiting oil company employees, a huge part of the Anchorage business travel sector. Most of the major oil company offices are located near the hotel, and the Anchorage Golf Course is also close by, for entertaining clients and guests.


Hilton Garden Inn Anchorage

Starting around $223
Hilton hotels are reliably similar no matter where you travel, and the Garden Inn is no different. The hotel includes a full business center.


Sheraton Anchorage Hotel

Starting around $250
One of the more interesting of the business hotels, the Sheraton is decorated with native Alaskan art and strives to combine the reliability of a chain hotel with some unique Alaskan flavor.

For more options, enter your dates into the form below and we will do the searching for you, finding you the best prices for hotels in Anchorage.

England travel guide

Combine London with a stop on the Continent

parisnightWhen Americans and Canadians visit England, it takes a bit of getting used to when you hear locals asking if you are also going to “Europe” on this trip. This might stem back from the Colonial days, when the sun never set on the British Empire, and England being part of Europe seemed like a quaint notion, but it’s still true that most Brits refer to the Continent as Europe, and only in the technical sense does that term apply to the UK.

With that in mind, it’s not a bad idea to visit somewhere else in Europe on your England trip. It’ll almost certainly be cheaper than you’d think to add in at least one other major city, and it also adds some really nice contrast to the England part of your trip.

With the possible exception of Dublin and Stockholm, most of England is just about as expensive as things get in Europe. Compared to London, Paris will feel cheap, and compared to Edinburgh, Barcelona is a real bargain.

Accommodation Los Angeles

Which area of Los Angeles should you stay in?

hotelsignRecently a friend was planning on visiting Los Angeles from the San Francisco area, and since it was their first visit to La La Land in about 15 years I decided to help out with some suggestions. It then occurred to me that this is one of the most confusing hotel cities on the planet and I should write something about this. My friend had everything up to his OAK airport parking handled, but didn’t even know which part of the city to stay in.

Where to stay in Los Angeles if you aren’t sure

Many first time visitors book their flights to LAX, and then look for a hotel near the airport because that sounds convenient. While it is convenient, and they’ve built dozens of hotels in that area because of that, it’s actually a terrible part of town to stay in unless you have specific business in that area. There are hundreds or even thousands of hotels in Los Angeles, and unfortunately they are spread out all over.

My best tip is that if you are coming into the city for something specific, and especially if you need to spend more than one day at that thing, stay near there. In other words, if you want to go to Disneyland or something else in Anaheim for two or more days, it’s not a bad idea to stay near there. The same is true of the San Fernando Valley for Universal Studios or other attractions near there.

Areas to consider

Santa Monica/Venice Beach

This is always my choice for those who can afford it, and fortunately there are quite a few discount hotels in the area, even though real estate prices are high. Santa Monica has good public transportation compared to the rest of the city, plus decent nightlife, dining, and shopping, and of course a really nice beach.


I lived for several years in Hollywood and unless you are after something very specific, it’s likely to be disappointing. If you want to attend some TV show tapings and that sort of thing, it can be fun, but don’t stay here if you want to see celebrities or things like that, because you won’t.


This area is actually getting better, after several decades of work, but it’s still quite remote from most of the tourist attractions, in spite of being “downtown.” If you aren’t going to a convention or don’t want to learn about ethnic neighborhoods, it’s probably better to stay elsewhere.

South Bay

Assuming you are renting some wheels, this is another great choice. The cities of Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, and Manhattan Beach all have loads of small hotels in them, yet the area still feels like it’s “locals only.” There’s great food and nightlife and excellent beaches and recreation. The only trouble is it’s not too close to much else. At least it’s way nicer than Downtown.

LAX area

As mentioned in the intro, there are many hotels around the airport, and unless you have some specific reason to stay near the airport, don’t.

The Westside

This is a confusing city and I can’t explain it all here. But suffice to say, if you can afford it and you want a bit of glamour then staying in West Hollywood is far better than staying in the real Hollywood, and staying in Beverly Hills or Westwood is great too. There are cheap hotels just a mile or two from the city limits of the cities mentioned above, and since they are technically in Los Angeles proper they can’t charge much more.

San Fernando Valley

There’s no reason to stay on the other side of the Hollywood Hills unless you have your own thing going on. Hotels are a bit cheaper on that side of the hills, and you’ll see why once you check in.

Orange County

If you want to see Disneyland and some beaches even better than those in Los Angeles, consider staying in Costa Mesa or Newport Beach. You have many options of places nicer than those in Anaheim, and you are still close to Disneyland.


Finding cheap hotels in Croatia just got easier

hotel croatiaRecently I’ve been confronted with having to look for cheap hotels in Croatia and the entire process proved to be time consuming and rather frustrating. But not anymore! We are proud to announce a brand new hotel search function on this site which allows you to get results from multiple travel-booking sites all at once. Finding cheap hotels in Croatia will sure be much easier from now on.

Once you get to the page, select the city you want to stay in and then you’ll have two options. There is a complete list with the hotels available in that area or you can input your travel details and then search multiple travel sites at the same time. Doing that enables you to quickly find hotels which have available rooms when you want to visit and to compare prices at a glance. This means you will be able to take your decision easier and faster.

Check out the new Croatia hotels section and you’ll easily see that the system is a very big help if you want to be sure you are getting the best price for the hotel of your choice.