Why You Should Add Berlin to Your RTW Trip

Planning a round the world trip is no small endeavor. There are so many things a traveler has to think about and consider when he or she decides to take a trip around the world. One of the first things that must be considered is where to go. What regions, countries, and cities should be included in a RTW trip itinerary?

If you are planning a long-term trip but don’t have a ton of international travel experience, starting in a region like Europe is a smart idea. Adding Berlin to your RTW trip itinerary would be a great place to start. It won’t overwhelm you with culture shock, but it will provide plenty of differences and seem foreign enough to get your adventure started off right.

Berlin is a city steeped in history, both good and bad, and they embrace that history. Seeing a city that just 2 short decades ago was split in two is a powerful experience. Though Berlin was practically toppled during and after WWII, the transformation of the city is amazing. There’s still some great architecture, and German officials have done a tremendous job making this city a beautiful one.

If adding Berlin to a longer trip, you’ll be glad you have the extra time as the city is huge and has lots to offer. Plenty of museums, art galleries, and parks are waiting to be explored. The night life is among the best in Europe if that’s what you’re into. Sports are huge, especially football (soccer for you Yanks), and eating out is surprisingly cheap, especially compared to cities the same size in western Europe.

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Why You Should Add Los Angeles to Your RTW Trip

All of the Why Go sites around the web are part of the BootsnAll network. Over the past several months, we have been working hard over at BootsnAll adding content to a section devoted to round the world trip planning.

If long-term, RTW travel is something you’re interested in, hopping over to our sister site and checking out the resources is something that will prove very beneficial. Another part of the RTW section over at BootsnAll is the destination guides on offer. If you are looking to travel to Los Angeles, this site you’re on now is fantastic and has all the resources necessary. The destination guides at BootsnAll have a different slant to them and offer tips and advice for adding Los Angeles to your round the world trip itinerary.

There are tons of reasons why anyone would want to travel to Los Angeles, whether it be for a weekend, a week, or an extended period of time. If you can get over the crowds, traffic, and smog, you can visit some of the most popular sites in the United States. Rubbing elbows with some of Hollywood’s elite on Mulholland Drive, partying at some of the country’s best clubs on the Sunset Strip, visiting Chinatown, and shopping in Beverly Hills are just a few of the activities tourists can take part in in the city of angels.

RTW travelers tend to be a little different, and you may be looking for activities that aren’t quite as touristy. There are plenty that can get you away from the crowds and the high prices, and adding LA to your RTW trip will be beneficial in other ways as well. LAX is a major international hub, and flights from Los Angeles can take you all over the world. It’s much shorter, easier, and often cheaper to get to places like Hawaii, Australia, or New Zealand from LA, and the RTW traveler is always thinking about that next destination.

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Los Angeles

Make LA Your Gateway to Australia

melbourneAt 14 hours or so, the flight from Los Angeles to Australia isn’t exactly short. But LA is the closest US gateway to the land “down under”, which makes it the most popular jumping-off point for anyone traveling from the States to Australia.

Most cheap flights to Australia depart from Los Angeles as well so if you’re headed to Oz, there’s a good chance your travels will take you through LA, if only for a short layover.

If you’re planning a trip to Australia, check out these hotels in Melbourne, which, along with Sydney, is one of the country’s most popular cities. Though it often plays second fiddle to Sydney, Melbourne is a favorite of many travelers and well worth visiting.

You can see more and extend your stay in Australia by taking on some temporary work. Check out our guide to working holiday visas in Australia to learn all about the program and how you can travel the continent for up to 12 months while working your way around.

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Los Angeles

Fall Travel Deals in San Diego

sandiegoA quick jaunt from Los Angeles and a city full of fun for all ages, San Diego is an ideal U.S. city to explore. I have always loved San Diego. Lots of sunshine, tattooed surfer boys, bikes along the boardwalks and great bars—and while the San Diego I love now is not the San Diego I loved as a kid (the zoo, Seaworld, the sea lions, the beach) it is certainly a city that can please all different kinds of demographics of travelers—from wild 20 somethings to families. And, with plenty of sunshine and the summer crowds gone, fall is actually an ideal time to spend some time in San Diego.

Bike along the beach at Mission Bay, hit the bars in Pacific Beach, catch one of the great ethnic heritage festivals in September or October, or check out some of the restaurants in the Gaslamp Quarter. For those who are mourning the end of summer—blue skies and bikini weather lasts well through the autumn months in San Diego, making it an ideal place for a little getaway.

Plus, with strong completion into San Diego Airport between Virgin America, United, Southwest and Alaska Airlines it usually isn’t too difficult to find affordable flights to San Diego. I recently wrote about all of the great fall travel deals to San Diego—and from plenty of great hotel deals and cheap flights it may be hard to resist an autumn getaway to the Southern California city.

For those who want nice accommodations for not a whole lot of money, the cheap hotels in San Diego tend to be centered about 3 miles from downtown in the Mission Bay beach area. Here you can find hotels that are not only super close to the beach, but are also just a short cab ride or drive downtown and walking distance to Pacific Beach. The Best Western at Mission Bay has a three-night-for-the-price of-two offer for stays through December 31.

Another hotel in Mission Bay offering up discounted rooms is the Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa, which is actually the property where my cousin got married just a few years ago. I can attest that this hotel is absolutely beautiful and with rooms now being offered $129/night (the same rooms can go for as much as $239/night). Jen Leo from the Los Angeles Times tested some of these rates and found that while it was difficult to find the discounted rates on the hotel’s web site, she found the $129 San Diego waterfront resort and spa deal easily for both mid-week stays and weekends on Hot Wire’s Travel Ticker web site.

Another way to save money on a trip to San Diego is to book your hotel and airfare as a package. With hotels and airlines bundling your trip for you, you’ll not only save time, but you could also potentially save money by booking one of the many San Diego vacation packages.

Deals on Cruising From San Diego

San Diego is also a launching point for many cruises heading south to Mexico to warmer waters and temperatures this time of year. While cruise line executives have been making plenty of statements on how well they are faring in the recession, it’s clear from all the crazy sales on cruises that some cruise lines are frantically slashing prices to fill up ships.

If you are still hoping to get away for the upcoming holiday weekend, there are plenty of great deals to be had on last-minute cruises departing from San Diego.

If you’ve got a little more time on your hands and want to take more than a 3-7 day cruise, you can sail for 14 days from San Diego to Miami on board the Celebrity Constellation, visiting Cabo San Lucas, Acapulco, Huatulco, Putarenas, Cristobal and Cartagena. The cruise departs December 6, and will offer passengers the opportunity to check out fabulous beaches on both the Pacific and Caribbean, as well as make stops in two continents and several countries for $899.

If you would rather opt for a shorter, more family-orientated cruise, Disney cruises also depart from the Port at San Diego. Plus, not only can you score some deals on Disney cruises (and all cruises fdor that matter) right now, but San Diego is the perfect city to explore with the kids before the ship ever leaves port. MSNBC recently ranked San Diego as one of America’s 10 Most Kid-Friendly Cities. With the fabulous San Diego zoo, Sea World, and plenty of fun activities to enjoy outside, San Diego is an ideal place to vacation with the kiddos.

If San Diego is not your thing, check out more travel deals from Los Angeles.

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Dubrovnik Franciscan Monastery


Address: Placa 2

phone: +385 20 321 410

open: 9 am-6 pm

entrance fee: 6 kn, children 4 kn


Franciscan monastery

Be sure to explore Dubrovnik’s century’s old and still active Franciscan monastery, one of Dubrovnik’s most popular attractions. The large area surrounding and including the Franciscan monastery is located at the very beginning of Stradun (Placa), to the left of the Pile Gate. The side of the monastery church runs along the main street and continues north along the walls as far as the tower Minceta.

More information on >> things to do in Dubrovnik

What to know

            The monastery was first built in the 13th century in the Pile area. But as Dubrovnik became increasingly close to entering war, the friars were forced to move, and construction for the new monastery began in 1317, but was not finished for some time. Some parts were destroyed and rebuilt repeatedly.

What to notice

            The large Franciscan church, one of the richest churches in Dubrovnik at the time, was completely destroyed in the earthquake of 1667. The portal on the south wall is the only remnant of the former building. The portal has all the marks of the Gothic style, but the figures exhibit the spirit of the Renaissance.  St. Jerome and St. John the Baptist are carved above the door-posts, while the Pietá in relief is shown in the central Gothic lunette. The Pietá symbolizes the Croatians’ compassion for the poor members of the community who sought refuge from the Franciscans anyhow, and the figure of the Creator near the top represents opposition to the humanist world-views that were then prevalent. 

It’s all in the details

            The church was reconstructed in the Baroque style, and the northern wall of the church displays one of the most beautiful cloisters of Dubrovnik. Master Mihoje Brajkov of Bar built this cloister in late Romanesque style in 1360. The Franciscan cloister is one of the most valuable late Romanesque creations on the Croatian shores of the Adriatic. The pulpit in the church was built in the 15th century and the main altar dates from 1713. Also remaining from before the destructive earthquake is the 15th-century chapel shaped like a winged cupboard with painted wood. Dubrovnik’s famous poet, Ivan Gundulic, is also buried in the church.

Refill prescriptions

            The third oldest pharmacy in the world was founded at the monastery in 1317, and it continues to function today, so if you need some medicine, why not grab it at an accredited place? The monastery also owns one of the oldest libraries in the Croatia, globally famous for its collections. The library has over 20,000 books, over 1200 of which are old manuscripts, and 7 books of old church corals.  Spend an hour or so wondering around this peaceful building and try to imagine how life outside of it may have looked in the 14th century!

Croatia travel guide

Things to do in Zagreb

While most travelers head straight for the Dalmatian coast, capital city Zagreb has a lot to offer for those who want to experience authentic Croatian culture. With several museums, parks, and arguably Europe’s most beautiful cemetery, Zagreb is well worth a few days of exploring. The city is situated between the southern slopes of the Medvednica mountain and both the northern and southern bank of the Sava river. Wander through the open-air market with a coffee in hand and take in the beauty of Zagreb’s medieval architecture and rich history.

Maksimir Park

Zagreb is full of wonderful wooded enclaves to explore. One such location is Maksimir Park, which was opened in 1794 and is landscaped similar to an English garden park, complete with artificial lakes and alleys. The park’s most popular attractions are the Bellevue Pavilion, which was constructed in 1843, and the Echo Pavilion, which resembles a rustic Swiss cottage.

Zagreb’s Botanical Garden

For a nice change of pace, wander through Zagreb’s botanical garden, which was created in 1890. With 10,000 species of plants and little bodies of water, you can easily spend a few hours walking in the shade.

Mirogoj historical cemetery

Though not quite a park, Mirogoj is one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Europe. Designed by Herman Bollé, one of Croatia’s finest architects, the cemetery features several cupolas and paths mingled with sculptures and impressive tombs. Inside, the cemetery is lush, green and eerily quiet. It’s definitely worth the ten-minute bus ride.

The Medieval fortress of Medvedgrad

Another site worth checking out is the Medvedgrad fortress, on the southern side of Mt Medvednica. Zagreb’s most treasured medieval monument, Medvedgrad was built from 1249 to 1254 to protect the city from Tartar invasions.

Zagreb Cathedral

Not to be missed is Zageb’s most famous building, the Cathedral. First built in the 11th century, Zagreb Cathedral was destroyed by the Tatars in 1242 and subsequently rebuilt by Hermann Bollé, the same architect who designed the Mirogoj cemetery. You can easily wander over the cathedral from the Dolac market.


Zagreb is home to a variety of historical, cultural and art museums. Not to miss is the Mimara Museum, which was founded with a donation from Ante “Mimara” Topić. Comprising more than 1500 exhibits, the museum features works by Lorenzetti, Cravaggio, Raffaello and Rembrandt. Other museums worth a visit include the Archeological Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Croatian Museum of Naïve Art.


Zagreb’s impressive fruit and vegetable market is found in the Dolac quarter. The farmers’ market is the most visited and the best-known farmer’s market in Zagreb, famous for its combination of traditional open market with stalls and a sheltered market below. Located only steps away from the main city square, Ban Jelačić Square, and in the middle between the oldest parts of Zagreb, Dolac is a great place to grab breakfast or coffee and to satisfy cravings for fresh produce. While you’re there, be sure to pick up a Croaterra, an authentic Croatian cake made of organic and whole grain ingredients.


Much like in Italy, outdoor restaurants are good places to start the evening’s entertainment. Tkalcicev Street in Gornji Grad boasts the city’s highest concentration of bars and cafes, which are perfect for people-watching and dining. The Gradska Kavana and Lisna Kavana are both relaxing café bars and are perfect for the night’s first few drinks and to sit and talk.

Along the same street is Oliver Twist, “the place to see and be seen” in Zagreb. This trendy bar offers a wide selection of local and imported beers served on two levels and on an outdoor terrace. The Bulldog Belgian Beer Café is popular with both tourists and locals. It has a huge outdoor area, which is always packed practically any night of the week. The Belgian beer is excellent and as a result, the Bulldog is the destination of choice for many Stag parties. Middle Earth fans will especially appreciate Tolkien’s pub, one of the quirkier places in Zagreb. Decorated with images from the author’s famous books, the pub is a cozy establishment and offers a talking point for strangers to get to know each other. Who doesn’t love LOTR?

In the warmer months, the liveliest parties are found at Jarun Lake, a recreational area where people go to drink and dance (some of the clubs shut down for the summer, as many locals go and visit the Islands). Two of the most popular nightclubs in Zagreb, Aquarius and Piranha, can be found here. A tram ride away, Jarun Lake also has cafes, restaurants, a nude beach, sailing, rowing, windsurfing and bike rentals, so it may be a great place to spend the day (as well as the night

Day trips

Zagreb’s central location offers travelers several options for daily excursions. Samobor is a charming medieval town with well preserved old stores, beautiful parks and hiking trails. The Baroque architecture is picturesque against the wooded hills. Samobor is accessible by car or bus, and be sure to try the ice coffee, which is more like a milkshake.                                                                                                 

Vrbovec, east of Zagreb, is another town travelers might want to explore. Vrbovec is famous for cooking old Croatian specialties and a quaint example of authentic Croatian culture. Travelers say that once you come to Vrbovec, you’ll feel like you’re at home.

Lastly, visitors might want to wander around ancient castle ruins, which are situated surprisingly close to the city itself. Escape for a few hours into medieval history.

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Los Angeles Transportation

Getting From Los Angeles to New York

Los Angeles is a large city located in California that is full of traffic and mayhem. However, many people love to visit on vacation. Los Angeles is home to an estimated 3,849,378 people, some of which are celebrities. Los Angeles has a number of beaches around the area. Some of these beaches are full of people that would be fit for any Hollywood movie, definitely a sight to see. Los Angeles offers hundreds of places to shop for the top name brand products. This city is ranked very high on the places to see list.

Why would anyone want to leave Los Angeles for New York, and what is the best way to get there? The answer is this; New York really isn’t that different from Los Angeles. New York just like Los Angeles is full of Traffic and even more mayhem. The population of the New York metro area is an unbelievable 19,490,297 people, far more than Los Angeles. This city also ranks very high on the places to see list. How do you get from Los Angeles to New York?

By Plane

By far the most popular way to get between these two famous cities is to fly. Since this route is so popular, quite a few airlines have nonstop flights going between the cities all day every day. If you can find a nonstop flight then it should take about 5 hours in the air, though of course the time spent at the airports will add many more hours to that. If the best deal is a flight that connects along the way, you could be looking at 7 to 10 hours from LA to NYC.

Because these two airports are so large and so busy, it is easy to find extremely cheap direct flights. It is not uncommon to find direct, round trip tickets for around $200 at the absolute minimum, but $300 roundtrip is a more normal cheap fare, and during peak travel seasons you might have to pay $500 roundtrip even for the cheapest flights.

Search tip: Los Angeles has 5 major airports and New York has 3, and you can check all combinations if you use the codes QLA to NYC instead of LAX to JFK, but unfortunately the QLA code (for all Los Angeles airports) doesn’t work in all search engines, so if it doesn’t then search for LAX to JFK and use the “search nearby airports” button.

By Bus

Maybe flying isn’t for you, if not you could take a bus. Buses leave out of Los Angeles heading for New York regularly. However, I must warn you, taking a bus ride from Los Angeles to New York will take almost 3 full days. The bus will stop in many different locations along the way, which makes the drive much longer than if you drove straight through to New York. This is more than likely the cheapest way to get from Los Angeles to New York, the cost for a bus ticket runs about $175 each way on Greyhound’s normal fare, but they do sometimes have promotional specials. You will have to add cost for food, drinks, snacks, or anything else you may need on the long ride.

Check the official Greyhound website for all the details, but be warned that the site is confusing and hard to use.

By train

If you fancy the idea of crossing the country by train, just like the Ricardos and Mertzs did when Ricky had ended his Hollywood stay on “I Love Lucy,” then you might be disappointed to know that it’s slow and way more expensive than you’d imagine. First off you take one train from Union Station near Downtown Los Angeles all the way to Chicago, which takes a bit over 42 hours. Then you change there for a different train that goes the rest of the way to New York City, and this leg takes just over 20 hours. There is usually a few hours between these trains, so you are looking at almost 3 full days to get from one city to the other.

The normal fare is around $240 each way, so it’s usually more expensive than flying as well. And of course that’s just for a normal seat in coach, which might not be so comfortable after the first 18 hours or so. Still, the scenery across most of the country is great, and it can be very relaxing as well. There are occasionally good promotional fares on Amtrak, so if you are lucky you might find something cheaper than this. All the information can be found on the official Amtrak website.

By Car

Next you could just drive yourself from Los Angeles to New York. This is another cheaper way to travel, but again you will have to add in for food items as well as hotel rooms you may need, for a break along the way. Driving will take about 43 hours of drive time, the trip is 2,788 miles one way. The fuel cost for the trip in a vehicle with 20 MPG will cost around $300 or more, depending on gas prices at that moment. Most of the drive will be on I40 East, where you will pass through Arizona, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. On this drive you will also go through Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

While taking this drive you will definitely want to take you’re time and enjoy the ride. With all these different states you will be driving through, there are numerous things to see on the way. The deserts of New Mexico and Arizona are actually quite beautiful, full of wild life. Just keep you’re eyes open, that way you can catch a glimpse of some natural wonders and beauty that you will definitely pass by on you’re way from Los Angeles to New York.

Featured Articles Los Angeles Transportation

Getting from Los Angeles to Anaheim

matterhornAnaheim is a suburban city located 25 miles from Los Angeles in the Orange County of California. This city is known for its theme parks, sports team and a convention center. The main attractions of the city include Disneyland resort, Adventure City Anaheim Garden walk, Angel stadium and The Grove of Anaheim. Anaheim Convention Center here is also the largest convention center on the American west coast. Anaheim is also known for its sports teams namely Anaheim Ducks in the NHL and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in the MLB. Its proximity to Los Angeles attracts several tourist here. If you plan a travel from LA to Anaheim there are a lot of travel options that are available.

But in spite of all these choices, most people are probably interested in going from somewhere in Los Angeles to Disneyland, so those options are spelled out below.

By Car

The traveling distance from Los Angeles is approximately around 26 miles from Downtown Los Angeles to Anaheim, a bit over 30 miles starting from Hollywood, and around 40 miles if you start from the Santa Monica/Venice area. Even coming from one of the closer areas, it is at least a 30-minute drive by car from Los Angeles and at times it might take up to a hour and a half or two hours, depending upon the traffic. There is also a option of renting cars from Los Angeles if required. Since cars are so dominant in this area, this is definitely the most popular way to do it, but you have other options.

By Bus

One could take LUXBUS from Los Angeles. There are two daily departures from Los Angeles to Anaheim. One being at 7.30 in the morning which could be the most comfortable option. There is also another bus service available at 3:30 in the evening. In both the cases the travel takes around 1 hour approximately. The ticket prices are around $32 for one way and $52 for a round trip. Tickets can be reserved in advance.

There are LuxBus tourist packages that are available. One could say this is a slightly expensive option to get to Anaheim. But the buses are very comfortable to travel. It is also worth its price because the seats are really good and it’s a luxury bus. There are also Greyhound buses that run between Los Angeles and Anaheim. There are around 7 buses daily available. The first bus is at 5.45 in the morning and last at around 6 in the evening. The travel by Greyhound takes around a hour. Buses are available every 2 hours.Tickets can be around $8 to $15 depending on the bus you take. This Greyhound buses are much more economical when compared to the LUXBUS which is really expensive. Anaheim is also well served by two public transport systems Metro and OCTA, but using these local services could take many hours each way if you are going a longer distance.

By Airport Shuttle

There is also a option to take airport shuttle from Los Angeles airport. At around $13 this is a much cheaper option compared to the Luxbus. The bus is know as the Disneyland Resort Express could be a very good option whether you travel alone or as a group. This service, operated by the Grayline Bus Company, is also a convenient and reliable mode of travel. At around $13 per head this could be a cheaper and better option than the LuxBus. There are also Super shuttles that are available from Los Angeles International Airport to Anaheim.These shuttles need not be booked in advance. There are Super shuttles around every 15 minutes and the cost is around $15-$20.

By Train

Finally, if you’re going by train there are two rail systems namely Amtrak and Metrolink available in Anaheim. One could take a Amtrak train from Los Angeles. This is more flexible because there are a lot of trains that are available. The journey by train is also very quick at 39 minutes. There are around 10 trains daily and we can travel in the time that suits us the most. The tickets are also very easy to get. The first train is around 6:00am and trains are available all around the day. The trains depart from the station almost every hour. The last train is around 7:15 in the night. The cost of the ticket is usually around $12. This could be the cheapest option to get to Anaheim from Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Transportation

Getting from Los Angeles to San Diego

San Diego, the second largest city in California, is almost always a sunny 72 degrees. With 70 miles of beaches, you can visit it for a day of fun surfing, sailing or lying on the clean sand. Others come to the warm city to see the many family attractions including the world famous San Diego Zoo, home to the giant panda, or to visit Sea World where the famous whale Shamu will put on a spectacular show. Whatever the reason for a visit, thousands of people migrate from Los Angeles to San Diego every week.

By Plane

There are a few ways to get to San Diego from Los Angeles. While the two cities are only 116 miles apart there are airlines that offer flights between them. Alaskan Air has a 45-minute flight that is around $330. American Airlines also offers a similarly priced flight, which is about the same flying time. Finally, United offers a flight for $350, which is also about 40 minutes. In other words, unless you are rich and crazy, you are probably going to want to find another way of getting between these two cities. When you factor the flight time along with the airport check-in and security time, plus getting to and from each airport, this method will take longer than driving almost every time.

By Bus

A bus is a more economical way to get to San Diego. The LuxBus offers an $88 dollar roundtrip ticket from Los Angeles to San Diego and takes approximately 3 hours each way. The bus departs from many major hotels within both cities at regularly scheduled times, giving a door-to-door non-stop service. It is a large coach bus referred to as “airline on the ground” due to it’s snack and drink service, leather seating, on bus movies and a restroom facility. The Greyhound bus is very inexpensive, around $35, and departs frequently every day. Buses depart and arrive at Greyhound terminals of which there is only one in both Los Angeles and San Diego.

By Train

The train is a cheap, hassle free way to travel from Los Angeles to San Diego, avoiding traffic en route while leaving from central locations in each city. Amtrak offers a $68 roundtrip ticket which leaves Union Station in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, arriving approximately 3 hours later at the marina in San Diego. The train has a snack car, a baggage check in, and a selection of seating classes, which vary in price. With beautiful views along the route from each city, the train has the ease of flying without the price.

By Car

Finally the most popular way to travel between the two cities is by car. Whether renting a car from your local rent-a-car location or using your own automobile, this is the cheapest way to get to San Diego. The ride is about 2 hours but can be upwards of 3 hours or more if there is heavy congestion on the freeways, which is true much of the time. You begin by taking the San Diego Freeway Interstate 405 going South. You then take the exit towards California 73/California 55/San Diego merging onto the California 73/Corona Del Mar Freeway. After about 17 miles you will take the Interstate 5 South freeway where you will hit a partial toll.

The I-5 S. Freeway is beautiful, running right along the Pacific Ocean. Along route I -5 S. as you get closer to the city you will pass the Marine Base Camp Pendleton, a base located right on the Ocean, started in 1942 and a major training location for the Marine Corps. Once you have passed Pendleton you will take exit 17 which will put you directly into downtown San Diego, home to the famous Gas Lamp quarter. From here you can easily find a place to stay, restaurants to eat in and things to see and do.

Los Angeles Transportation

Getting from Los Angeles to San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the largest cities in California, settled in 1776 by the Spanish. The Gold Rush in 1848 caused thousands of people to rush into the city, making it the largest city on the whole West coast at the time. The 1906 earthquake had a huge impact on the city, although it was rebuilt. Today, San Francisco serves as a tourist destination for millions thanks to its cable cars, Chinatown and the famous Golden Gate Bridge.

By Plane

Traveling to San Francisco by plane from Los Angeles is about the easiest way to get there. Surprisingly, flying from Los Angeles to San Francisco doesn’t cost much more than a train ride, plus you’ll get there in an hour and a half. There are four places to fly out of in the Los Angeles area. Jet Blue Airways is the best choice, offering the best prices. You can also use Southwest Airlines at LAX, flying straight to San Francisco. You’ll need to check their website directly for fares. You can compare fares at online travel sites to find the best prices using the airline code LAX for Los Angeles and SFO for San Francisco. Flights range from $75 to $150 each way, and if you find a good promotional fare it might be as little as $99 roundtrip.

By Train

Most people don’t think of travel by train these days but it’s still affordable and easy. The Amtrak Coast Starlight line will take you from the Union Station in Los Angeles all the way to Oakland, California, taking about 11 hours. It costs $52 one way. The train won’t take you all the way to San Francisco but offers a great way to see the sights and experience a train ride. You can easily rent a car once in Oakland and finish the drive to San Francisco, giving you a car while you’re there, or take a bus to San Francisco. You can also take the train to San Jose and transfer to Caltrain which will take you all the way to San Francisco. Both of these options give you the experience of a train ride which fewer and fewer people try these days.

By Bus

You can also get to San Francisco by bus, which is a very easy way to get there. You can take a GotoBus from Monterrey Park, which is near downtown Los Angeles, all the way to San Francisco. You’ll need to leave early in the morning because only one bus trip is done per day; don’t miss it. The cost is about $50 one way, making it a good option for many people. The trip on Gotobus will take about seven and a half hours.

You can also take the California Shuttle Bus, which will pick you up in Los Angeles and take you straight to San Francisco. The shuttle bus leaves only at noon and midnight, or every 12 hours. The trip takes seven and a half hours, just like the GotoBus, although the shuttle bus is cheaper. Fares start at $5 but you’ll usually pay around $40 roundtrip for a shuttle bus to San Francisco.

By Car

Driving is the way most people get from Los Angeles to San Francisco. The trip begins where the I-10 meets the I-405, ending up at the Golden Gate Bridge into the city. The fastest way to drive there is to take the I-405 to the I-5 North toward Sacramento. From there, continue to the I-580 and then the I-80 into San Francisco. You can also take the coastal route, although it can be difficult and time consuming. To do this, take the US 101 to the CA 1, following the coast. You can also take the back way to San Francisco by taking the I-405 to the CA 14, continuing on the US 395 North. Follow the 395 east to the Sierras, crossing Yosemite National Park and heading west into the city. When you’re traveling to San Francisco by car make sure you avoid afternoon traffic and allow yourself time for stops.