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Spend the Halloween weekend at Disneyland

I love Halloween! It’s that time of the year when the adults can play dress-up without feeling like fools and the kids can have a lot of fun and use their imagination to carve pumpkins and ask their parents for costumes.

Wouldn’t it be fun to spend Halloween at Disneyland this year? The kids will surely be pleased and the fun is definitely in the air. There’s still time to look for cheap flights to LA and don’t forget to rent a car, as well. It’s the easiest way to get from LAX to Anaheim.

Now it’s time to look for accommodation. It’s a good idea to look for hotels at Disneyland before you consider anything off-site.

Or you can start your search with the package deals to LA , which comprise both flight and hotel deals, but also flight-only or hotel-only deals. Special offers are available online for the Halloween weekend, so make sure to keep your eyes on multiple sites.

The price tag for such a vacation? Assuming you fly from New York, depart on Friday and return on Monday, flights start at $313 RT per person (on Frontier Airlines). If you choose to stay off-site, then you can book rooms for just $60 per night. Aside from the travel and accommodation cost, you also need to consider the passes for the rides and the meals.

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Plan Your Weekend Getaway

Short weekend escapes are just perfect to break the routine and create some new memories. Granted, chances are you’ll be more tired on Monday morning than on the day you left, but … it’s so worth it! Whether you are visiting Los Angeles or you live here, sometimes it’s great to escape to another city for some good old fun.

Planning a vacation on the spur of the moment is thrilling and fun! Typically it’s not about where you head to, but the fact that you actually leave. Weekend travel deals come in many forms and you can save quite a lot of money if you know where to find the bargains. Last minute flight deals and accommodation offers are meant exactly for this type of traveling.

Check out the many travel deals from Los Angeles . You can choose flight-only, accommodation-only or a mixed package. For example, if you saved some miles and you can use them to get a discount on your flight then look for accommodation deals only.

Why not plan a romantic getaway in Las Vegas? The round trip flight starts at $135 per person and packages start at $307 per person (flight and two nights accommodation). All that’s left is to book the LAX airport parking before you leave so that you don’t need to worry about your car while you are away.

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Las Vegas Getaway This Summer

Las Vegas is one of those cities which draw tourists like a magnet. Whether you like to party, relax, have fun or just enjoy some days out of your routine, then Las Vegas is an excellent choice. Or if you want to tour Europe but you don’t have the money, Las Vegas comprises enough interesting replicas of important European buildings to offer at least a glimpse of what the Old Continent is about.

When planning a summer getaway in Las Vegas it’s only natural to start the search with the Las Vegas deals . You can find excellent deals on flights and hotels. Plan your vacation in advance, or wait for the perfect moment when the rates are lower.

But if you don’t want to spend the vacation in the hustle and bustle of the Strip, you can always look for off-Strip hotels . Typically the nightly rates are lower but you’ll have to find means of transport to get to the casinos and spas, for example. If you really don’t want to do any of the activities available on the Strip but you’d rather just do a bit of sightseeing and then explore the sights outside the town, an off the Strip hotel is an awesome choice.

Renting a car in Las Vegas is an excellent idea. After a quick glance at the Las Vegas travel guide you’ll soon realize that there are plenty of things to do outside the city as well. For those who enjoy hiking, several days exploring the Grand Canyon are an amazing way to see the area. Or you can plan a day trip to Hoover Dam.

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Plan Your Next Weekend Getaway From Los Angeles

cancun-sunsetMany of us grab any opportunity to spend the weekends away from home. Whether you want to plan a different Easter vacation this year or just want to surprise your loved one with a short romantic getaway, the deals from Los Angeles will give you some ideas to choose from and help save some money.

How about a shopping spree in New York? You really don’t need a special reason to shop in New York, do you? While your lady checks out the stores (and empties your credit card) you can check out the bars. Packages – including the round trip flight and 2-nights accommodation – start at $747 per person and you’ll be staying at Hilton New York.

Or maybe you want to visit Walt Disney World and unleash that inner child? Packages in Orlando which include the round trip flight and 2-nights accommodation start at $453 per person. You’ll be staying just 1 mile from Walt Disney World. The inn offers an outdoor pool, a gym and you can even play golf near-by.

How about a romantic weekend in Cancun? Packages including the round trip flight in 3-nights accommodation start at $864 per person. The 4-star resort is the only resort in Cancun surrounded on three sides by the beach. You can relax in the private whirlpools and enjoy a romantic dinner at one of the luxurious restaurants.

Has she hinted that Hawaii would be a lovely place to spend a romantic vacation? Then grab one of the packages and please her. The prices start at $645 per person and include the round trip flight and 2-nights accommodation at the Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa. It is located just steps from the world-famous Waikiki Beach and offers excellent spa facilities, swimming pools and a fitness center.

Now that you’ve got the weekend getaway planned, all you need to do is book the LAX airport parking so that you can leave your car at the airport until you come back from vacation.

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It’s now as cheap to go to Las Vegas as it is to stay home

mgmgrandfrontLately we’ve been discussing various side trips that people often make in conjunction with a trip to Los Angeles, and things over in Las Vegas continue to get weirder so now it’s even harder to pass up. The first 3 weeks in Sin City are always the least crowded of the whole year and of course this year will be no different. Cheap flights are easy to find and hotel rooms are practically free.

The thing about travel to Las Vegas is that if you play your cards right, pun intended, you can often get drinks for free or almost free, and nearly everything else is available at great discounts if you know where to look. This isn’t to say that these super-cheap alternatives are always the best choice, but more that they are there if you look, especially during this time of year.

Getting there for a song

The fact that it’s nearly empty doesn’t mean that flights are at their lowest rates of the year, but it’s pretty close. Cheap flights to Las Vegas are just a few clicks away no matter where you are, it seems. In early December you can get a roundtrip from LAX to Vegas for around $125, and you can fly from Long Beach or Burbank or Orange County for just a bit more. These flights have been around $99 in the past, but that was years ago and this is pretty much rock-bottom these days unless you run into a great promotion on Southwest Airlines.

Where to stay

This is where things really get good. Cheap hotels in Las Vegas get even cheaper in early December, and right now several of them are advertising rooms under $20 per night. You can actually book yourself into the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino in the Downtown area for $11 per night including all taxes. It’s obviously not one of the more luxurious hotels in the city, but the location is pretty decent and the rooms are clean. This city’s loss is your gain and it’s a buyer’s market.

If you prefer to be on the Strip you can book the Riviera or the Imperial Palace for only $25 per night. Those are both nice places with great locations, and you could pay for the whole night by just getting a bit lucky with a $10 roll of quarters, or at least that was true back when the machines actually accepted coins.

What to do

The list of things to do in Las Vegas is a long one, but most people are interested in gambling, eating, drinking, and maybe a bit of shopping. There are great opportunities for all of those things pretty much everywhere you turn, but there is also the Red Rock Canyon just a few miles east of the city if you want to see one of the most scenic drives in the US.

There’s also golf and tennis and other outdoor activities, though it’s worth noting that in early December it’s actually colder in Vegas than it is in Los Angeles, so it’s best to plan one of the many indoor activities.

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Fall Travel Deals in San Diego

sandiegoA quick jaunt from Los Angeles and a city full of fun for all ages, San Diego is an ideal U.S. city to explore. I have always loved San Diego. Lots of sunshine, tattooed surfer boys, bikes along the boardwalks and great bars—and while the San Diego I love now is not the San Diego I loved as a kid (the zoo, Seaworld, the sea lions, the beach) it is certainly a city that can please all different kinds of demographics of travelers—from wild 20 somethings to families. And, with plenty of sunshine and the summer crowds gone, fall is actually an ideal time to spend some time in San Diego.

Bike along the beach at Mission Bay, hit the bars in Pacific Beach, catch one of the great ethnic heritage festivals in September or October, or check out some of the restaurants in the Gaslamp Quarter. For those who are mourning the end of summer—blue skies and bikini weather lasts well through the autumn months in San Diego, making it an ideal place for a little getaway.

Plus, with strong completion into San Diego Airport between Virgin America, United, Southwest and Alaska Airlines it usually isn’t too difficult to find affordable flights to San Diego. I recently wrote about all of the great fall travel deals to San Diego—and from plenty of great hotel deals and cheap flights it may be hard to resist an autumn getaway to the Southern California city.

For those who want nice accommodations for not a whole lot of money, the cheap hotels in San Diego tend to be centered about 3 miles from downtown in the Mission Bay beach area. Here you can find hotels that are not only super close to the beach, but are also just a short cab ride or drive downtown and walking distance to Pacific Beach. The Best Western at Mission Bay has a three-night-for-the-price of-two offer for stays through December 31.

Another hotel in Mission Bay offering up discounted rooms is the Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa, which is actually the property where my cousin got married just a few years ago. I can attest that this hotel is absolutely beautiful and with rooms now being offered $129/night (the same rooms can go for as much as $239/night). Jen Leo from the Los Angeles Times tested some of these rates and found that while it was difficult to find the discounted rates on the hotel’s web site, she found the $129 San Diego waterfront resort and spa deal easily for both mid-week stays and weekends on Hot Wire’s Travel Ticker web site.

Another way to save money on a trip to San Diego is to book your hotel and airfare as a package. With hotels and airlines bundling your trip for you, you’ll not only save time, but you could also potentially save money by booking one of the many San Diego vacation packages.

Deals on Cruising From San Diego

San Diego is also a launching point for many cruises heading south to Mexico to warmer waters and temperatures this time of year. While cruise line executives have been making plenty of statements on how well they are faring in the recession, it’s clear from all the crazy sales on cruises that some cruise lines are frantically slashing prices to fill up ships.

If you are still hoping to get away for the upcoming holiday weekend, there are plenty of great deals to be had on last-minute cruises departing from San Diego.

If you’ve got a little more time on your hands and want to take more than a 3-7 day cruise, you can sail for 14 days from San Diego to Miami on board the Celebrity Constellation, visiting Cabo San Lucas, Acapulco, Huatulco, Putarenas, Cristobal and Cartagena. The cruise departs December 6, and will offer passengers the opportunity to check out fabulous beaches on both the Pacific and Caribbean, as well as make stops in two continents and several countries for $899.

If you would rather opt for a shorter, more family-orientated cruise, Disney cruises also depart from the Port at San Diego. Plus, not only can you score some deals on Disney cruises (and all cruises fdor that matter) right now, but San Diego is the perfect city to explore with the kids before the ship ever leaves port. MSNBC recently ranked San Diego as one of America’s 10 Most Kid-Friendly Cities. With the fabulous San Diego zoo, Sea World, and plenty of fun activities to enjoy outside, San Diego is an ideal place to vacation with the kiddos.

If San Diego is not your thing, check out more travel deals from Los Angeles.

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New travel deals site is a good place for Los Angeles airfare bargains

planeAnyone shopping for airfare to Los Angeles might be interested in a new site that collects all the best deals they can find from all over the internet and puts them into one place. It’s, and they add many new deals daily, so it could be good to add the RSS feed to your reader so you can be on top of the deals as soon as they come along.

Here’s a recent sale they found on Virgin America, which includes flights from Washington DC to Los Angeles for $169 (one-way, based on RT purchase).

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Los Angeles Deals from Multiple Travel Sites

Airplane sunsetYou can often find special travel deals for Los Angeles if you look around the internet for a while, but in order to be sure you are finding the best one you have to check many different places. There are frequently special airline deals from various cities, and good hotel deals too, but they are spread all over the web. The good news is that BootsnAll has just launched a new service that combines all the best deals from multiple sites onto one page with all the Los Angeles deals in the same place.

You can find the best airfare-only deals to Los Angeles, the best hotel packages, and airfare+hotel packages that combine the best of both worlds into what are usually the best deals around. Check out the new BootsnAll Los Angeles Travel Deals page. The best new deals are added regularly, and some of them are for limited times or have limited availability, so it’s worth checking back often if you don’t see the idea one on your first visit.