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Sweden in August

Warm days, music festivals, outdoor activities – that’s Sweden in August. You can visit the cities, too but don’t be surprised to find some cultural venues closed unless there’s a special event taking place. However, traveling to Sweden in August also means the flights are expensive, so plan accordingly.


August offers pleasant weather , with warm, sunny days. But remember to pack a sweater for the evenings and nights out. The weather is great for exploring the outdoors and taking scenic rides. Short sleeves are perfect during the day and don’t forget the comfortable shoes.

Sample temperatures

Gothenburg avg high 18C/66F; avg low 12C/55F
Malmo avg high 20C/68F; avg low 12C/55F
Stockholm avg high 20C/68C; avg low 11C/53F
Uppsala avg temp 15C/59F

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Flights and accommodation

August is another popular month to visit Sweden, thanks to being able to explore the outdoors and attend festivals. However, flights to Sweden are expensive and booking in advance doesn’t solve the problem all the time. On the plus side, many hotels offer discounts, so accommodation won’t always break the budget. Make sure to book the flight and hotel / hostel in advance.

Things to do

While locals tend to abandon the cities and go to the countryside to relax, travelers can experience the less crowded cities at a leisure pace. Some of the things to do in Stockholm include spending time in the Old Town , watching the changing of the guard and exploring the parks . You can also plan a day trip to the islands of the Stockholm Archipelago or soak up the sun on the two city beaches.

Also in early August, you can watch the Stockholm Pride, the largest GLBT event in Scandinavia.

Another interesting event takes place in mid-August in Växjö: The Emigration Festival. It focuses on the country’s most popular emigration area. Visiting the House of Migrants adds more historical facts to this interesting mix of cultures. Växjö can be easily reached both from Gothenburg and Malmo.

And while you are in the area, don’t miss the The Way Out West Festival in Gothenburg, taking place each year in mid-August. It’s not a very old music festival but it’s been called one of the best of its kind in Europe.

Summer is also the best time to enjoy nature and try activities such as: fishing, hiking, diving, biking, golfing, scenic train or boat trips and horse riding. You can also enjoy water sports.

A scenic ride on the Lapland train is an excellent way to see the country. The train runs from Malmö in Sweden to Narvik in Norway and takes you across the Arctic Circle. While in August you cannot see the Midnight Sun anymore, visiting this part of the world is an amazing adventure any time of the year. The single fare for the entire length of the journey is 799 SEK / €90. Youth (under 26) and pensioners get 15% discount. Interrail and Eurail cards are valid for travel on the Lapland train.

Another interesting scenic ride is on the Islandsbanan which runs from Kristinehamn to Gällivare. The train operates between middle of June and the end of August. You can create your own itinerary as it’s possible to hop on/off the train as it makes some stops along its round. The Inland Railway Card is a great options for those planning the trip independently. Some examples of single fares are: Kristinehamn – Mora 306 SEK / €34; Östersund – Gällivare 962 SEK / €107.

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Edinburgh Things to Do

It’s Not Too Late to Plan a Trip for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, is one of the most popular places in the country to visit. And at no time is it more popular than during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, an annual event that takes place each August and is one of the best outdoor festivals in the world.

The festival is an open-air arts fest that brings together theatre, visual art, music, comedy and performance art that spills out onto the streets of the city. The festival developed “on the fringe” and continues to be a venue for lesser-known and more avant-garde artists.

Visiting during the Fringe Festival is difficult, but worthwhile. Hotels and hostels book up well in advance and rates are much higher than during other times of year, but the trade off is the chance to see random art just about everywhere you look in the city.

With large city-wide events like this, we tend to notice two trends. In order to score good Fringe Festival deals, you either need to book very far in advance, or you need to wait until a month or so before the date. Waiting until the last minute like this is a gamble and there’s a good chance all the best hotels are sold out, or priced far beyond your reach. However, it is still possible to find cheap Edinburgh hotels willing to cut a deal on some unsold inventory. The hotels may not be your first choice – they may be located farther out of the city center or may be more basic that what you prefer – but when there is so much going on in the city, you won’t be spending much time in the hotel room anyways.

Likewise, you can often find some excellent deals on flights to Edinburgh if you wait till just a a few days or weeks out. Low cost carriers like RyanAir are notorious for waiting until the last minute to slash their fares and get rid of unsold inventory, and in those circumstances, it definitely pays to wait until the last minute to finalize your travel plans.

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